Removal & Disposal

Wrightspace are registered waste carriers and can remove and dispose of any redundant or unwanted modular and portable buildings where required.

We specialise in the removal and disposal of temporary and modular buildings. Off-site disposal is generally seen as an environmentally conscious cost and time effective method for the disposal of buildings. Prior to the demolition of the building at a waste facility, we recycle as much of the materials as possible to reduce the requirement and load to go to landfill.

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This method of disposal reduces the noise, dust and debris infringements on any school, college, business or sensitive area. This option also considerably reduces the timescale of destruction at the site where the modular building was located.

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Removal & Disposal

Wrightspace provide a wide range of modular home and building services to various market sectors and have a combined experience totalling over 150 years. We have extensive experience in the installation, refurbishment, relocation, installation and disposal of modular buildings and homes.

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