Building Refurbishment

Do you have an old Modular building and are considering changing it? There may not be a need to change!

Wrightspace have extensive experience refurbishing old modular buildings in a variety of different finishes and types and you will be amazed at what can be achieved. Before sending your old building for demolition let us assess the building and advise on costs and options to renovate your old building if this option is deemed appropriate for your requirements.

When a modular building is no longer needed, it can be relocated and refurbished to create a completely new building. Our refurbishment process brings old modular buildings back to life. We can modernise, tailor or totally renew your modular building and make it as good-as-new.

Please get in touch with our friendly professional and experienced team and we’ll help you find a refurbished building to meet your requirements.


Our refurbishment service saves on the cost of a new building and is much kinder to the environment as it doesn’t involve sending an old building to Landfill. So we can save you a lot of money and help reduce the need for demolition. Just ask us to come and take a look and we will provide you with a free quotation. Get in touch HERE.

Multi-site Refurbishment Service

We also offer a multi-site refurbishment service where we will take away an existing building from one site refurbish it on our premises and then deliver it and install it at any of your other UK locations.

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Refurbishment of Modular Buildings

Wrightspace provide a wide range of modular home and building services to various market sectors and have a combined experience totalling over 150 years. We have extensive experience in the installation, refurbishment, relocation, installation and disposal of modular buildings and homes.

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